Preserving Your Sense of Balance is Crucial

Mon. Jul 29, 2019

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Because lack of confidence in our sense of balance is central to our desire to move, preserving our sense of balance is a matter of life and death.

Preserving Your Sense of Balance is Crucial

SERIOUS NUMBERS ON FALLS: Falls are the leading cause of accidental death in seniors, with 1 in 4 falling every year. That adds up to 2.5 million seniors being treated for injury with a combined cost of $50 billion.

It was a fall leading to a fractured hip that marked the beginning of the end for my dear Grandmother. As she became more sedentary due to fear of falling again, the strength and vitality that were so characteristic of her started to dissipate. When she stopped moving, she started dying, ever so slowly.

Having strength trained baby boomers and seniors exclusively with machines for two decades, I began employing basic barbell movements such as the squat, deadlift and standing overhead press with many of my clients. Their strength and physical confidence has soared along with vast improvements in their sense of balance.

Finding someone who can coach you on how to carefully and gradually load basic movements such as the squat and press can be a game changer for boomers and seniors. This wisdom came too late to me be able to help my grandmother, but its not too late for you dear reader! Remember that the moment you stop moving you start the process of dying. Do whatever you must to preserve every ounce of physical function you can!