Strength Through Super Slow Training

Fri. Jun 14, 2019

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For about a decade helping my client David become the strongest version of himself has been my privilege. We started employing Super Slow with specially retrofitted Nautilus and MedX machines designed for that methodology.

Strength Through Super Slow Training

Where there is a will, there is a way! Longstanding client gets after it with dumbbells.

But when the demands of work and family did not allow David the time to meet me at the Super Slow facility in midtown, we started meeting in the gym within his building.

Sure, it wasn’t as lushly appointed with equipment options as the Super Slow midtown alternative but it allowed David to continue working on getting stronger. And one thing I can say about David is that he has been steadfastly all in on that goal, training two times a week with rare exceptions.

One such exception was a recent ski trip vacation and when he returned he told me what every strength coach longs to hear. He had felt so strong on the slopes that he was able to enjoy them all day without noticeable fatigue.

Feedback like that vindicates all of my efforts and his hard work. My mission is to make my baby boomers strong enough to enjoy life to the hilt. Mission accomplished!

I’m so proud to be your coach David! Thank you for the opportunity and for the devotion you bring to each and every session.

Your access to equipment, work and family commitments may vary but you can use your bodyweight as resistance if that is all you have and two half hour workouts per week in your living room are superior to inactivity.

Decide to discover the strongest you with whatever means you have available. Contact me, Francisco Villalobos, owner of Inner Strength Fitness, to find out how.