Research: A Little Weight Training Yields Big Health Benefits

Sat. Jul 20, 2019

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Weight training twice a week can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by 50%, according to a recent study.

The study is covered in this New York Times article.

A 50% Decline in Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

Reporter Gretchen Reynolds wrote: “The findings were dramatic: The risk of experiencing these events was roughly 50 percent lower for those who lifted weights occasionally, compared with those who never did — even when they were not doing the recommended endurance exercise.”

She added, People who lifted twice a week, for about an hour or so in total, had the greatest declines in risk.”

Even better, these health benefits accrued regardless of whether the participants engaged in frequent aerobic exercise.

weight training nyc

A client of ours, enjoying the benefits of weight lifting!

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When you engage in resistance training, you are, in effect, investing in a “Fitness 401k” from which you can withdraw health benefits years into the future.

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